Lucky Marketing Firm is an attorney owned and operated marketing firm that focuses on marketing strategy solutions for law firms, financial businesses, health care businesses and educational institutions. Our extensive experience in the digital marketing field includes building strategies and leading teams that focus on design strategy; social media marketing; database creation, wireframe and functionality; content creation; affiliate partnership growth strategy; email marketing; big data and creative direction. In the areas of SEO and SEM strategies, we has extensive experience with Google Analytics and other Google marketing products. Our past work includes years of experience with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We have also worked to create monetization strategies for domain portfolio owners and lead generation websites. Our marketing strategies have helped law firms and other professional service businesses grow via customer acquisition, translating to millions of dollars in highly-profitable revenue.

If you claim to get most of your clients from referrals, you’re not alone.  Many attorneys and other professionals use a referral network to get new clients.  What happens when someone is referred to you and wants to research your experience and knowledge?  Will they find an internet presence that proves you’re a trusted, experienced resource?  Even if someone is referred to your firm or business, they may not contact you or they may decide to contact you and continue shopping for an advisor they perceive as more experienced.  Internet perception is reality.

Increasing your internet presence can be somewhat intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact, Lucky Marketing Firm makes it easy.  We’ve worked with attorneys and other professional services for years and understand how to get new clients.  We’re not about “old fashioned” methods.  We’re on the cutting edge of digital marketing, and we promise you will learn a thing or two about how to get more clients.

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