Which social marketing sites are best for your business?

I know, I know.  You’re busy.  You’re running a business.  You do your best to participate in as much social marketing as possible, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.  So, which social media channels get your attention and which are you ignoring?  Are the sites into which you’re investing time and energy helping your business?  Or, are the social marketing sites you’re “leaving on the table” the ones that could help market your business the best?  In other words, are you using your time wisely when it comes to social media?

The following is a quick breakdown of some of the most popular social media sites.   While you’re reading, think about your business and which channels have the best chances of reaching your target audience.   If you’re working on sites that are less helpful, consider shifting some of your time or hire someone to help manage your social media campaigns.

1. Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging site with an estimated 20 million users, many of them have joined the site in the last six months.  The average age of a tweeter is 31 years old.  Thirty-five percent of Twitter users live in urban areas.   The cities with the biggest Twitter populations are New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco and Boston.  Fifty-three percent of tweeters are women.

2. Facebook.  With more than 250 million active users, Facebook is probably the most popular social media site at the moment.  Facebook is experiencing incredible increases in users in the 35-65 age demographic.   More than four million more US women 35-44 and nearly three million more US men 35-44 used Facebook in March 2009 compared to September 2008.  The fastest-growing group of users is women over 55.  There are currently 1.5 million active over-55 women users each month.   

3. Youtube.  Youtube users range in age from 18-55, evenly divided between males and females. Fifty-one percent of users go to YouTube weekly or more often, and 52 percent of 18-34 year-olds “often” share videos.  Nearly one-third of users view two-to-five videos during a visit to the site.

4. Linked In.  This “professional” social media site boasts a median user age of 40.  LinkedIn is currently reaching 11 million users in the US.  Of those users, 57 percent of these users are men and 72 percent are over the age of 35. Thirty-seven percent of users have a total household income that exceeds $100k per year.  Most are well educated – 82 percent of Linked In users have a college degree.

So, which sites work for you?  Which sites proably won’t work as well?  How can you manage your “social marketing time” more effectively?


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